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May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

hi! im new here and yes i have PKU as well. i've failed to keep up with the doctors due to low income circumstances and no health insurance. i'm very curious to know everyone's story and how they've dealt with everything! i would love to know about the updated information and new opportunities available to us today. i'm 21 years old and i've been diagnosed with PKU since i was a baby. last i remember they classified me as a PKU varient then changed it to a hyperfee varient. my younger brother also was diagnosed with the same thing. there's just the two of us. a rare duo. i'm so excited to hear what you guys have to say and im willing to get all the advice i can take! thank you! -jennifer

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    Maisy said on May 2, 2011

    What exactly is a Hyperphe variant? (: How much protein can you eat a day? Just saw this and was curious (:

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    hesperiaNo Location

    hi,jennifer my name is andrea and im 13 teen years old and i go to cedar middle school and i love horseback riding.well my advice to you is to always try and stay on your diet cuz you well be really healthy and be more healther than most people and my dad always told me to be glad that u can talk walk run and more i mean i try to stay on my diet even though every time i see other people eat meat or anything else i feel like i want to eat it but i tell myself NO! i shouldnt cuz i could cuz brain damage and more so i just get like sald and that my advice i mean if u want more advice i well give u my email ok here it is and if that one doesnt work then try ok.
    Andrea thank you

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    murrieta, California

    yea i’ve stuck to my diet the whole 21 years of my life and i haven’t had any issues yet! haha. hyperfee or however its spelt isn’t as strict as your average PKU. im just restricted from all meats and diet stuff with sugar substitutes. i can have limited amounts of dairy, eggs, and cheese. and then everything else i can munch out on! at least thats how it was last time i got my levels tested. at least thats what i think the difference is. haha

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