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December 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today was the worst i felt in years.. i have a cough.. /cold but when i cough My head get Dizzy... the room spins.. it takes me a sec to see straight again.. and from that the headaches was horrible.. this is not a matter of cheating on a diet any more.. its a matter of levels going up due to a cold.. i have taken 5 blood levels in the past 10 days i will keep ya all informed... I dont know why I have severe dizzy spells when i cough tho... that lead to major headaches last night and today.. I was very very weak all day today.. does anyone get dizzy when they have a bad cough? I can tell when its a PKU Headache or jsut a reg. headache.. i know the difference....

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    , New York

    Whenever my daughter Molly is sick, she always complains of a severe headache and that she feels dizzy. I have not noticed a difference when the illness is a cough. Try to get as much rest as possible. Feel better, Brenda

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    Chicago, Illinois

    Awww…yeah…sounds like you’re sick. I hope you feel better!

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