Not really feeling this today...

Not really feeling this today…

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Not really feeling this today…

November 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today is just one of those days...I decided to go back on my diet carefully just about a month ago. I am one of those people whose blood levels fluctuate from 3-17 mg/dl, depending on how carefully I'm controlling my eating. I am one of those people who really feel the effects of being off-diet, especially emotionally. When my levels are high, I struggle with depression, extreme moodiness, lack of concentration, and panic attacks. The symptoms go away pretty quickly once the diet is controlled. I've had several conversations over the past few months with my boyfriend, mostly over my extreme mood swings. Off diet, I cry pretty easily, and my standard response to him was always..."this is just who I am...I can't control the fact that I cry easily..." until one day it hit me that I'm NOT always like that...just off diet. So after thinking through that fact & going to an educational meeting with him, I decided to get myself under control. I know my levels are good right now even though I haven't taken one lately...I've been staying within 350-400mg of phe every day. I am just feeling really tired today. My boyfriend agrees that I am a much different person on diet. His response is that "he loves me the same either way, but things are so much smoother when I eat right." I do feel so much better too. It's just one of those days that I don't feel like cooking & planning meals and counting & measuring everything I eat. I'm out of Cambrooke breads right now, so I need to make a loaf in the bread machine soon...I'm getting a little tired of figuring out which restaurant has the best salad or veggie plates when I go out, too. I hope this blog isn't too discouraging, but I know most of you out there can relate. I plan on sticking to this...just feeling a little worn out today. alt

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    Cornwall, New York

    Remember… we are all entitled to having our bad days… This is just one yours… Luckily, all of us on here understand the struggle it can be to being so consistent on diet… Hang in there! You are fortunate to have a supportive boyfriend who will be there regardless… Keep up your hard work! It really does pay off in the end!

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    Topeka, Kansas

    as Katie says you arent alone in having those days. some days i tend to just want to be rebellious.

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    , Massachusetts

    oh man! those days SUCK!!!

    I was out to eat a couple weekends ago and had planned my way through a day of socializing with all of my friends, i brought snacks, i ate before going so i wasn’t hungry, and then BAM at the end of the night we went out for pizza and i had nothing! they were chowing down and it SUCKED SO BADDDDD… i had noooothing that i could eat!

    my biggest thing has been to be ok with days like this and slip ups! personally i ended up getting really guilty and then feeling sorry for myself and turning to food to fix it (vicious cycle.) but this diet… its HARD, and sooo inconvenient sometimes. if you do have a rough day and you do slip up and eat more/wrong or forget your formula just let it be OK, its not going to kill you… wake up tomorrow and put your feet on the ground and start from scratch! nothing wrong with that… i am confident in saying no one can be 100% perfect 100% of the time.

    you are fortunate to be able to realize when you have high levels and that you don’t want to be like that! it took me a LONG time to connect how i felt with my phe levels… and from what it sounds like, you know your body and aren’t a huge fan of mood swings and zero energy and thats totally understandable! but some mood swings and lazy days are ALLOWED and not all have to link back to the diet, people have off days… its just life! so just let it be and jump back on the wagon! if you have trouble getting back on- think about how you feel, talk to your boyfriend, come post here, you’ve got support!

    haha i sound like a cheerleader, im sorry… i’ve been having ups and downs too so i think im going to do my best to take my advice too! let me know how it goes : )

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    Wyoming, Michigan

    Boy, you are right! I can certainly relate. Counting and measuring everyday really stinks. I get to a point that I just don’t even want to eat, but I know I can’t do that because my level would go up. Most of the time I am not even hungry, and that is hard to eat when not hungry. I will do what needs to be done, so that I can feel good. I find that I still have anxiety attacks even when my level is under control. I am on Lexapro to control them. I wonder if I still have them because of my brain damage??? Probably should find out at clinic next week.

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