Not the greatest time

Not the greatest time

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Not the greatest time

October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

 It's been a while since I've been on here. So much has gone on and my life has changed so much. I've moved back down to Layton. It's been now 2 years since I lost my baby girl. It's been a rough road. But I've bettered myself. Since may I've been dealing with health issues. It hasn't stopped, I've been in and out of the hospital going threw painful treatments. Finally 5 months later I'm having surgery. I'm ready to be myself again. Also in August my boyfriend of 3 years and I broke up. It destroyed me. It ended badly but today we talk and have a friendship. We talk about our little girl. And are here for each other threw this new change in our life. He tells me he is changing for me, to maybe try again in the future. I still have so much love for him. I would love to try again but not for another year. I have goals I need to meet and so far I'm doing well. I have started dating a guy my brother set me up with. He's a great guy but I feel like I'm being forced into this relationship. I tried to really like this guy but I'm still so in love with Raymond (my ex)  when I try to back off from this guy everyone gives me shit. I wish I could be an adult and make my own choices. But I don't get that while living at home again. Ive dropped weight like crazy! Around 35+ in one month from not eating and being depressed. ( I did not eat for 3 weeks) in about a month I will be celabreating my daughters 2end birthday. Even though she is in heaven I plan on having a cake and maybe even getting a tattoo in here memory. I'm looking for a job but my health has gotten in the way. I do have high hopes that my life will change around and ill keep you updated with everything. Oh my next blog will be about my PKU clinic I'm excited to go seeing how I've been on my diet for a while now :)

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    williamsville, New York

    HI PKU gurl, Iam so sorry for all your losses.I’ m in the process of getting back on the diet. My dietician is
    fighting the insurace company to cover my medical drink. It is already at the pharmacy waiting to be delivered,
    but becauthinse there is no payment they won’t deliver it.I’m out of my drink for a week now. I had a great start ,
    but now Iam at a stand still.Iam trying to make smart food choices any way. Try your best eveenthough it
    is hard.I will think of you while I am trying too. Love pku pioneer

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    I think a cake and tattoo would be a wonderful way to celebrate your little girl’s life. I hope things get better for you. We all have our battles we fight daily. I’ve got my own I’m going through too. We gotta stay strong and positive.

    Lots of Love and Prayers for you

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