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March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

this is my first blog... ive never known anyone else to have pku then i found this website an i became very inerested in it.. my pku had put me in some bad situtations during my life but i have over come all of that an i am proceeding to a scuccessful life. I THINK. im not on my diet anymore an i feel that nothing had changed me, i stopped when i was 16 and i'm 23 now an im doing great.

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    hi i’m 31 and went off my diet completely at about 16 and i felt what was the point .i really enjoyed eating any thing i fancied and felt i was doing ok.however with out really noticing my mood slipped dramatically and had shakes a nd headaches and was on endless anti depressants which didn,t help at all i became so melancholy most of the time.I got an MRI on my brain and the doctor wasn,t one bit delicate about what he thought about this .it really frightened me.I have an eight year old son and a partner i gave hell to .i thought i’ll give this “diet” one more go .i tried many times before but always gave in.that was november 10 .its now march.i got over christmas day with out a hitch.i had 2 slip ups.i had some bacon one day and felt ireally let myself down.anotherday i eat half of my sons rasher and egg sandwich.its hard cooking roast chicken for my son and partner but i’m getting bloods are grand now .i have eight was hard at first i used to cry like a baby would for a bootle .i was so hungry .the loplex really helps with that.i now after much practice can make lo protein bread which is much better than the chemist bread.i can n’t explain how much better i feel on my diet i realise now how bad i really felt when i was off it but i didn’t really know that then.all i knew was life wasn’t fun and i needed to change this.i write this because i was like you and its ok for a while but it creeps on you.i think the longer you stay on the diet the more you stop craving the foods you can’nt have ,and your brain remembers what foods you can eat and it reprogrammes the pku mode u had when u were younger it becomes second nature again suprisingly.

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    Yea i feel you on of that but i have been off of it for a very long time that i feel no difference im still the same person i was back then… before i stop my diet my doctor told me that they were to going to send my blood for extra test because they believe that there was a gene protecting that gen for pku because it didnt effect the way it would others.

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