PAL PEG research

PAL PEG research

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PAL PEG research

March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

has any one participated in a trial for pal peg before? some call it peg pal. its made by Bio-marin. i am just starting in a phase 4 clinical study for it. i went for my first visit this past wednesday. they had to do a physical and lab work. there was alot of papers to sign as well. i hope im a responder. i have tried kuvan in the past with no success. i will post daily as i go through the trial. i want people to be aware of what is out there as far as research for pku. i love to talk about my experiences though life with pku as well so feel free to contact me as i amd 32 with CPKU.

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    Aw this is something am interested in, i want something to be a succes so they will fund it here in the UK, they wont fund Kuvan here because its apparently not for everyone x so fingers crossed Pegpal works :-)

    Looking forward to your updates x

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    hardinsburg, Kentucky

    i should find out later this week if im in or not and when i start the trial. nervous about it cause desipte the contant finger sticks and blood draws through my life i still dont care much for needles but i can take it.

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    Cornwall, New York

    Keep us posted about PegPal. I am a Kuvan responder and have been on it for over three years. I’m very interested in learning about the whole peg pal thing though. Good luck!

    Katie, NY, 26

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