PAL PEG trial days 1 & 2

PAL PEG trial days 1 & 2

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PAL PEG trial days 1 & 2

April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I started the trial on monday. the appointment was longer than planned being the first one on this trial they had to get things straight. They base your dosage of it on your weight. so i have to take 2 shots to get the correct dosage. monday they did my stomach and today in the back of my arms. we have to rotate sites of the injection (arms, thigh, stomach). It's just like a diabetic insulin shot except a nurse has to give the shot. the only thing i have noticed with the shot is afterwards i get alittle sick to my stomach, but that may be due to having to fast every day for labs and finger sticks. they want fast phe levels for this study and i have to do finger sticks everyday for the first few weeks. lol lots of sore finger tips. I have had to do a food diary for the the past 5 days. and will have to do one three days prior to every wednesday visit. the easy part about it is that all you have to do is write down what you eat exactly but you dont have to figure out the protien intake yourself, they do that. THe hardest part of this to me is the lab draws since i have bad veins and they are hard to find so they have trouble getting blood sometimes requiring 2 or more sticks on top of the shot. When i get the medicine it just feels like a little pressure in the site while its being given. THey gave me an epi-pen in case i have a serve allegreic reaction as well. But I am on the second day of the medicine and no signs of reactions yet, Knock on wood! I hope this works for me. i dont mind the shots if it means a more liberal diet. im not sure when i find out my first phe level was on monday. i'll have to ask tomarrow. im going everyday for the first 2 weeks. and i get weekends off. no shots those days. I will continue to post daily now as i go forward with the study.
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