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September 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

My son Logan was just dx with ADHD on Friday. I'm a little confused about how to handle this. After speaking with his nutritionist and she told me that with having both dx that there can be some complications with the ADHD medicine. Does anyone on this site been through this before? If so, can you please share your experiences with me? Chrissy, Mom of Logan, 7, CPKU

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    How is he doing with his diet. Is he cheating that you know of. I started cheating around his age and stopped taking formula for the most part. I became very hard to handle for my parents at that age. I know that unchecked PKU can cause behaivoral issues dont know specifically about ADHD but just a thought. I can tend even today to be very scatter brained espcially when not on diet. It might be a valid issue but also might might be at least lessened by diet if it is an issue.

    As far as why ADHD meds might create a problem with someone with PKU I understand that some meds are coated with aspartame which as I’m sure you know well is pretty much straight Phe.

    By the way I am 35 and have CPKU as well and I have bouts of severe anxiety and depression. I just recenetly went though a 4 week episode of both anxiety and depression. And it was completely PKU related I had not been taking my product for a long time (Kuvan and PheBloc) and was eating a completely non restricted diet. Once I got back track I was feeling much better within 1 week. I know this is much worse than your son but sometimes behavioural issues can arise due to an less than ideal controlled diet with PKU.

    Not sure that helps but I hope you can figure something out.

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