PKU and H1N1

PKU and H1N1

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PKU and H1N1

October 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

hey im trying to get feedback on what poeple think about PKU and h1n1 vaccination i have a 10 month baby with PKU and im scared insanly about this new vaccine ... if anyone can reply , msg me on here on email add me on facebook carole leger or add me on msn i would greatly apreciate it !! carole

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    Cornwall, New York

    Have you talked to your clinic about this? When I was younger, I took all recommended vaccines which did not cause a problem for me. I do understand your concerns now. I personally do not want to take the vaccine (for other reasons) and I am very susceptible to get it since I am a teacher. By best advice is talk to your clinic about your concerns.

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    As far as vaccinations in general go, my two sisters who have PKU and I received all the shots that we needed when we were little. It never caused any harm. As for H1N1 my parents decided not to get my five younger sisters (two of which have PKU) vaccinated, because since my parents married nearly twenty-two years ago our family has caught the flu once. I also choose not to get vaccinated for my own reasons. Do you know what the PKU listserv is? The H1N1 vaccination has been talked about recently on there. In fact many people that I have spoken to have told me that their PKU children got the Swine Flu, and after four days they were perfectly fine and back in school. Everyone I know that has had it told me it is no worse than the regular flu. I hope this helps, but if you are still concerned don’t hesitate to contact your clinic. They are there to help you!  

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    Lee, Massachusetts

    I would really caution you about the H1N1 i mean do your own research any health care professional i think has to recommend it…go to you tube there are many doctors on there pro and against the shot this should help you make your own decision. there is thimerasol mercury in this vaccine and they are recommending two doses. i would just do your research and make sure you are comfortable with your decision.

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