PKU and losing weight

PKU and losing weight

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PKU and losing weight

January 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

HI there, I want to lose some weight again and I am on kind of double diet now :) I want to write something about PKUs and low calorie diet / losing weight on my blog. I am collecting advise. When I lost weight successfully two years ago, I was astonished that it had not that much effect on my levels than the hospital told me it would. At present I am trying to stick to vegetable meals as much as possible, a milk drink (low pro of course) for breakfast, sometimes with fruits in it, little noodles and bread and of course sweets. I am couting calories, might sound a bit dull but I think it's important to get a better feeling again of what food contains which quantity of calories. I'm still surprised sometimes, when I find out the calorie amount of several foods. And of course I am also trying to do more sports, once a week I have a fixed date with a friend at the gym's and once a week dancing class and I want to take walks on days without sports so that at least every day is a kind of sporty day :) I'd be really thankful for your tips and advise. Love, Katie xxx

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    Hi Kate,
    I think you are international right? I have been using a website/android app called MyFitnessPal.It’s a calorie counter, and it’s great! It’s helped me lose about 10 lbs so far, and I’m doing ok on my diet too. (I’m not perfect, but I don’t go too much over each day). There is a HUGE database of foods to choose from. I can input the calories for my formula & save my low pro foods with their calorie information. It also gives a summary at the end of the day of how much sugars & protein you are eating. It’s not perfect with the protein because sometimes it’s WAY off the protein in certain foods. Most of the time it’s close enough that I can be in range of where I need to be. I can ‘earn’ extra calories by inputting my exercise and an added benefit to exercising is that it helps your body process protein better. If you have access to it, it is worth checking out.

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