PKU and the future

PKU and the future

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PKU and the future

August 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have been good for the most part on my diet. Trying to get better on it though. As i get older with having PKU, a lot of questions go through my mind. What's the pregnancy gonna be like? How am I gonna maintain the weight to carry the baby if Iam gonna be on a more restriced diet? In the future, i want to have a baby. To the women on the PKU site who have been pregnant: i would love to hear from you. I guess Im anxious about the future with me trying to have kids. I just hope and pray to god that everything will be ok. I don't know if Iam overacting or what but all i know is that i know that its not going to be easy. brandi

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    Stephenville, Texas

    deshlergurl09’s blog: I am probably alot older than you, but I have pku and have been pregnant. Actually got pregnant before going on diet. Long story. The advice I can give you is. Stick very close to your diet. If you get tempted think of your baby. You are doing this for your baby so it will be healthy. My daughter is 32 years old now and only a carrier of pku. It is possible for pku women to have healthy children. Don’t be afraid if you are lean on the people who support you. Remember God is in control and all will be fine. Have faith. adultpku58

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    Phelan, California

    I totally understand I just had a happy healthy baby girl who is not PKU. It seems over whelming but listen to your drs stock to your diet and things will be ok. The sad truth is you really don’t eat much real food during pregnancy lots of low pro food. Also they up your formula to take in more calories you can do it I was never very good about sticking to my diet but once you know it’s for your baby it makes it easier. You will have your hard days but take it one day at a time. Good luck feel free to ask me any questions.

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    Rockford, Illinois

    I totally understand your worries. I have been off diet for a few years. Now I’m am trying to get back on for my own health and in the future, I would also like to have a healthy baby. The worries cross my mind too so don’t feel alone. The advice postings above me are actually inspiring to read for myself, so hopefully they help you as well and best wishes.

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    Muscle ShoalsNo Location

    thank you for the comments :) i feel more at ease now.

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    birmingham, INTERNATIONAL

    This is the reason I am trying to get back on to my diet. Although I don’t want children just yet I do want to prepare my body for a very strict diet when I do. I feel the shock of going from no diet at all to a really strict one would be to much for me lol. So as other people have said in the comments below, your not the only one that feels this way :)
    I believe that nothing worth having in this world is ever going to be easy to achieve and for us with PKU pregnancy is just one of them things we have to work a little hard for then others. But the over all out come will be sooooosoooosooo worth it to have a healthy, happy baby… <3

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    Red Deer, Alberta

    I too also worry about becoming pregnant, and also being off diet for so many years. I wonder what I will be like when I am pregnant. Man on man, I dont see it going super awesome expecially with pregnant lady cravings you know? But this is why I am trying to get back on track so that I can one day have a baby or two haha. Maybe I will get lucky and have twins (although not sure how lucky that would be really?). But just one step at a time. Today I made a smoothie with my formula and to my surprise it tastes great! Actually better than great, PHENOMENAL! Anywho we all can do this and i think knowing that your doing this for your child will help you stay on top of things as well.

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    Muscle ShoalsNo Location

    that sounds good. but i wouldn’t want to have twins lol its scary enough to have one baby inside. but thats just me though

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