PKU back on track!

PKU back on track!

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PKU back on track!

December 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

 This year has been a hard one, in and out of the hospital, physical and emotional pain. A huge break up and once again handling depression. I don't know what it was My luck changing or the fact that almost every night I begged god to help me with everything I was struggling with. But in November everything came together. My daughters birthday and it was perfect. Even tho she is in heaven I feel her around me everyday. I've been great on my diet. Thinking clearly no anxiety or depression. If you are off diet or maybe have someone who is wanting or already off diet read this it might help.when I went off my diet it was because of a loss of a child. I was angry, sad, depressed. I hated life so I thought why should I follow my diet? It doesn't do any good anyways!! A PKU diet is what makes me normal. When I was off diet I was mean, needy, not willing to do anything, and I was crazy... When I am off my diet all I think about is hurting my self because I see myself as a burden. I get anxious over stupid things like not being on time for something and when that happens I yell at people and end up hurting others. My ex ray put up with a lot. I would loose my mind if he was gone for more then two hours doing his own thing. And if he worked late I fought with him. I couldn't do simple things like finish something I would get bored or mad for no reason.when your off diet your not you. I lost my happy bubbly self for 2 years!!! From experance losing all my friends, losing a man I love over wanting to be off diet it's not worth it. I really lost everything. I know we are all different but your diet is everything! I know you want to eat those delicious meats but it kills your life.  I've been on my diet sence Aug I have accomplished all my goals all before 2014 I lost the weight, I have a job, I had surgery I needed, ray and I are best friends, because I am back on my diet I'm building my life back. I took my food handlers first try with reading about it and I passed! I'm confedent in myself. And I'm happy.. I am myself. But better this diet is everything. We have to try and keep at it as week we can because it can destroy your life if you let it get out of hand
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