Pku but not on diet

Pku but not on diet

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Pku but not on diet

November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Im 37 mother of two healthy boys i have not been on my diet since i was 12 i am a fulltime teachers aide this site is new to me i want to know why im normal but meant to have this dieases. i live in australia ive never came across any other person with this. i remember the diet and supplement Yuck form when i was younger. Feel free to writ to me

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    Nanaimo, British Columbia

    I’m 23 years old. I’ve been off the diet a few times before. After awhile it really takes it’s toll on me. Insomnia, paranoia, depression, even auditory hallucinations. Although I was never off the diet till I was 18. Apparently during the infant and adolescent stages, diet is crucial for brain development. My tolerance is in the low-mid range so that may be why the Phe effects me so drastically.

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    Hey i jst think you may be one of the lucky ones!!!

    I suffer with high levels my worst is Anxiety and Emotional problems moody and aggresive and argumentative proberly alot more jst not been diagnosed as i cant even think properly when my levels are high! You might have some probs but jst never noticed etc..

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    mill park, INTERNATIONAL

    thankyou guys it great to hear from you all I am lucky i have none of the things you mention. i am a happy person maybe because ive been off my diet for 25 years to me i feel normal its great to have this web site and be able to talk to others with PKU as for so long i have felt alone and just to hear the knowledge you all have about this is alot more than what i knew. i knew i was meant to be on a diet but knew little of what the side effects could be if im not.

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    Woodbridge, New Jersey

    except for a brief 2-3 month peroid when i was in my early 30s, i’ve been off diet since i was 10. i’m now 53 and life has been a nightmare with everything you’ve heard about.

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