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June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, I don't Know how to start my Article. I feel like i have so much to say when it is regarding PKU. Well, I am 35 Years Old and i have PKU. Actually i have a confession to make. most of my life i haven't been strictly on the diet. Actually, i haven't been at diet at all since i am 7-8 years old. not because i didn't need too, i was very much did. it is because i just didn't. i gave up, I was week. Actually when I look at my life now, I have a nice family (1 boy and expecting one more), a quite good career, but when I take a look back I see how hard it was and how hard it is and will be. I know I should do the Phe Diet. although it is odd to get back to it, after many years out of it. and of course the costs will be a big burden, but I do feel that if I do that appropriately, thing will be much easier for me. sometimes i feel like i am a junkie that should have a rehab. but most of the times i just feel that i am working to hard and it is time to face the reality, and lower my Phe levels. People who knows me and even you, if you would know me, wouldn't recognize a shred of this debate in my mind (Get back to diet, lower the Phe...), but someting deep inside of me tells me that that is what i should do. It seems like a pathetic struggle, it is either DO IT, OR DON'T! - I know. But still, it takes me time to do it. or maybe it is the high Phe that effecting my judgement. growing up as a kid i was ahamed about my sickness. I didn't tell anybody. and i dealt with it myself only. I believe people knew about it - but i was denying. (pathetic - i know). that was the easy way - cause i couldn't keep my diet - so i didn't do it. just ate anything I wanted even if it meant sneaking on my parents. That made come to the age of 35 that I Simply can't keep the diet, that i can't even be recognized as one who has PKU. As matter of fact, i don't remember being on a diet ever. that is why i don't even know how is it being on a diet, although I believe I feel things that is being said here from Adults about how they feel with high levels of Phe, DIzzy, out of focus, tired more then I should be etc. In my country I pay for your MAXAMUM / PHENYL FREE an amount of around 150 USD. but the special foods aren't very common, only in some very few places. and, of course, it is very expensive. I have to say that as a family guy, it is a quite big obsticle, when you think that you have to take care of all the family expanses, this become a significant supplement. Well that is a bit of the struggle i have in my head about getting back to the Phe diet. and evrytime i try to do it is a great struglle and i don't do it good. i guess everything i mentioned aboue are the reasons why I am facing troubles with it. I think that tommorrow is a good day to start a Diet - Especially if it is Phe Diet.
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