PKU & working

PKU & working

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PKU & working

October 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have classical PKU and was wondering, how do others with PKU manage their diet while working full time? I work at an eye doctors office and find it difficult to snack often because of either the amount of patients or other things that need to be completed in the office. I usually only am able to eat lunch and normally have to wait 3-6 hours from the time I start work because I work sometimes as much as 10 hours a day (open to close). I'm starving by the time I get to eat lunch and when I'm done work, it also doesn't help that I live an hour away from my job. Any tips or advice on how I can manage my diet better while working?

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    Plainfield, Illinois

    What I do, is eat my normal breakfast before I leave home with no formula. Then I drink 1/3 of my daily formula when I get to work, it helps to control my hunger until lunchtime. I also take a bottle filled with water with a little of lemon or lime juice mixed in for a hint of flavor. If I get hungry before lunch then I just drink my water. It helps keep you full and is much healthier than soda or other things. For lunch I eat my lunch and then save my second 1/3 of formula for when I return to my desk, it usually gets me to dinner. Again, if I’m hungry, I’ll drink water. Sometimes I’ll bring an apple or banana as a quick snack as well. 

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    Chicago, Illinois

    I do drink my formula at work as well. I think I would have a hard time getting through the day without it. I make my formula, and fortunately, my job & company are flexible enough that it’s not hard to find time. I would suggest bringing formula or trying out the CaminoPro pouches if it’s hard for you to make it. Talk to a supervisor or boss about your medical needs. I’m sure they will be understanding, and you’ll probably find you are more productive, as the formulas are designed to be taking throughout the day.

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    Landisville, New Jersey

    Thanks Sarah and BGN I will have to try something like that. I try to drink it throughout the day but I am a technician so I dont always get to just sit at the front desk. I drink better milk so the formula in the pouches is definitly more convenient.

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