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January 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today i was really sick.. no so much cold.. i do have a cough though.. Very Fatigued... I have no mind..... Very Dizzy.... I just want to sleep.. On top of that my wife is sick... bad cold.... my daughter has a 101.8 fever tonight... and i have 4 other kids... 2 of them under 8 yrs.... a hyper bug of a dog... and 2 cats that i wont let in the house now after they threw up all over my kids room.. and peed on her school bag... NASTY ANIMALS! How do i funtion like this... I just want to burry my head.. becasue i reallly cant take care of myself at this moment... i had 61 gms on New Years eve.. I enjoyed it but know well Paybacks a ... Well its not a beach.... today starts day 1 i had 12 gms today.. im allowed 30,,, i just didnt feel like eating... it will probably be another 7 days anyway before i start feeling better.. I hope not.. i just went through all this crap.. and i was feeling better till i got sick... a cold.. Its so agravating! my goal is to reach 100 Days straigh sticking to my diet 100%... and when i set a goal .. Im dedicated to that goal!... Today is Day :1 Allowed 30 gms I had 12 gms GOAL IS: 100 DAYS ON on my scale of 1-10 i felt like: 1.9

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    Hey DJCJ sounds like a tough one! But well done for sticking to just 12 g today. That is very applaudable because I know how hard it is to come down so far after a big phe binge day. Stick with it and you’ll do well. We’ll all support you and it’s great that you’re posting about it because it gives you motivation. I know, I’m trying to do the maternal PKU diet. Currently on 7g and 80 amino acid g worth of formula (that’s about 4 Lophlex LQ 20’s). Keep at it. We can encourage each other!

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