Planning his 1st B-day Party

Planning his 1st B-day Party

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Planning his 1st B-day Party

December 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hello All, Well it's been a fun 11 months with my son. I learned a lot of things in becoming a better parent and of course in what types of food to give him. I feel very proud of my wifey and I cuz it was difficult in the beginning. But now it's time to party! My girl is going crazy and stressing out for the birthday party. But I know she will do it and it will be awesome. We will be having a Yo Gabba Gabba theme, my son will love it. Does anyone have any ideas on what types of finger foods we should have for him that our "non PKU" guest will also enjoy? Also I have uploaded the invitation card, so if you guys wanna see the invite card you can. Let me know if it's cool. Thanks. altalt alt

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    Hallo!!! Let me share with you our 1st birthday 1 month ago…I was also very anxious about the food etc…. We wouldn;t have a lot of kids invited, but I wanted to give my little one the chance to taste food, enjoy and remember…. So I ordered the Virginia Schouett cook book, I had someone bring me metamucil from the states ( we live in Greece), I got miracle whip creme from Holland… So the birthday cake was a low protein one , we had mexican food so I made home made tortillas (even with low protein farina mix), and I had even made veggies grilled on wood sticks(for the others we also had chicken on it). Eventually , my daughter was playing all the time, she didn’t try a thing, and when the time of the birthday cake came, she got so scared from the song , the people and the candles, that we went to the fresh air to calm her down…We ate the low proteiin cake ourselves. To conclude: Kids don;t enjoy food the way we do…So don;t freak out…. Enjoy, and Happy Birthday!

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    Your son is just adorable! For finger foods you could make veggie nuggets or mini pizzas. The veggie nuggets are potato, carrots and onions — they are absolutely delicious. Pasta is also a really simple option — same sauce, just a high and low pasta. Pop chips might be a good salty snack to serve that your son will enjoy. We typically make cupcakes instead of a cake — all of our guests have low protein. (all of the recipes are on Cook for Love — Hope your son has a wonderful birthday!
    Founder of Cook for Love

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