plz help

plz help

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plz help

February 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

I just found out yesterday that my 5 year old lil girl named donna has pku and i want to learn all i can about pku. I want to learn what to kinds of food to keep her away from and what she can eat so if anyone can help me plz

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    Do you know what type of PKU she has? I have classic PKU which means I have to stick to the low pro diet and formula everyday. She needs to stay away from all meat, dariy, grains, read lables look at serving sizes to know who much protien is in food before she eats it. She will needs to stick to fruits and veggies but be sure to read the lables even these have some protien. Potatos are great for people with PKU there is a lot you can do with them and a regular size potato has 3 grams of protien so thats not too bad. If you eat out alot check the online nutrition to see what is low in protien (salads, fries, fruit salads) Get with your PKU Dr and see how much protien she can have each day and then its a lot like counting cals but only you are counting protien. I know its a lot to take in but it is easy to handle once you get used to it. I am 26 years old I am married I have a great job and am about to have a child. So dont think just because she has PKU she can not have a “normal” life. My parents never let my PKU hold me back she can have a full “normal” life and still have PKU. Your little girl will be ok just stick to the diet and formula get with a PKU Dr to get a game plan it will all be ok :) hope this helps!

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