Pregnancy 12 weeks - 20 weeks

Pregnancy 12 weeks – 20 weeks

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Pregnancy 12 weeks – 20 weeks

January 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello Everyone!! I think I left my last blog saying that I was awaiting my appointments to come through in January! I had a 16 week appointment with my midwife on 15th December. I don't think I mentioned it, but at the 12 week scan, all the vital organs and bone structure were checked and said "normal". All except for the heart. This said "normal limited" I hadn't noticed this until we got home, so I asked the midwife what this might mean, and she said that it might just be that they couldn't see the heart in as much depth as the would have liked and not to worry because we would know if anything had been wrong. We got to listen to the heartbeat at the midwife appointment. This was so lovely :) she told us that the loud scraping noises that were kind of like interfearance, were the baby moving. Gosh the baby was a right little wiggler, at this point I still couldn't feel any of the movements, so to hear them was SOO lovely! The midwife said that the heartbeat was really strong, so there shouldn't really be too much to worry about, and the fact that we have a scan just to check the heart would reassure us. It was so lovely though, the midwife said that she had never heard such a strong heart beat and me and my partner were just smiling at each other extremelly cheesily with bleary eyes! lol! Well I was on 4 exchanges for a few weeks & at Christmas I was on 4 exchanges. It wasn't too hard really as my Mum was on a diet so she didn't get too much food in, and my mother in law never goes quite as mad as my own Mum does, so there was not too much in the way of temptation to make me want to have anymore than my 4 exchanges. For xmas, my partner and I didn't really get anything much, the baby got utterly spoilt! The mother in law decided not to listen to the warning that it COULD still be a girl from the 12 week scan, and brought a load of boys clothes anyway! We also got a cot for xmas, along with the pram, moses basket & a changing mat! I was extremelly ill over xmas though, I had my flu jab on the 16th December, so I didn't think it could be flu, but I had a terrible cold & cough over xmas. On xmas day my limbs were aching and I sat drinking honey & hot lemon all day! lol! I was worried that it might effect my levels, being so poorly. I went to the doctors and she said that I had a chest infection, as the cold symptoms soon went and were replaced by a terrible cough. I also have asthma and not being able to breath made me fairly worried for my lil one in my tummy! With all the snow and Christmas backlog with the post, I have only found out in the past couple of weeks that my levels only went up 2 191 umol/L at Christmas so they were still very low. Considering how low my levles were and how ill I was, my dietician upped me 2 6exchanges!! How exciting! :) I had a letter from my local hospital, saying that my 22 week scan would be replaced with a 20 week anomaly scan! This meant I would see my baby twice in January after all, not 3 times! But twice in ONE WEEK!! So I had the appointment in London for the heart scan on Monday the 10th January and an appointment at my local hospital on the Thursday 13th January! I was still very excited. The Sunday night before the heart scan on the 10th, I was extremelly nervous. After the 12 week scan saying that the heart was "normal limited" I really didn't know whether I should be worried or not! I didn't hardly sleep at all on the Sunday night! I was up until around midnight talking 2my Mum and when I finally went to bed I was tossing and turning. I didn't suffer with any morning sickness at all in the 1st 12 weeks, but felt sick. I was now 20 weeks and hadn't even FELT sick for WEEKS. But Monday morning I felt VERY sick. We got on the train in the morning and by now I had started to feel little flutters n my tummy! This baby either LOVED or HATED the train because the baby was fluttering away! The scan was all fine, for me they just looked at the heart. It was almost as if they had set the detect thing to just see the heart, because even when the lady was looking around it was all just the heart! However, it was lovely the lady was really nice. She sat and went through the procedure first. Told me what they were looking for (the main heart vessles and the four chambers of the heart and to check all the blood was flowing in the right places). Then I laid on a bed thing and there was a screen on the wall infront instead of looking at the sonographers screen, there was a seperate one! Then she was clicking away and she had warned me that she wouldn't really speak much, but at the end or during the scan she will go and get the consultant to discuss the findings. At the end, she said "it looks to me like everything is all fine but I will just get the consultant who will run through and double check"! The nice consultant came in and went through all the pictures with me and told me everything was fine and healthy! I didn't actually get to see my baby much during the scan but the baby kicked VERY hard and was very awake during the scan! The lady felt it and said "goodness me that WAS a hard kick" hehe it was very cute :) So everything was all good with the heart scan, and I went away from London with MY heart a little lighter with the relief! :) I had taken a blood test to the scan with me as I had run out of envelopes, and on the Tuesday I got the level back and it was 129umol/L! This was getting on the low side so my dietician said that I could go up 2 8exchanges! 8!! I was thinking "goodnesss me what am I going to do with all these exchanges!" So The next couple of days were very nice, eating lots of exchanges and feeling my baby kicking! Thursday was the scan again! It was at 9o'clock in the morning so we had to get up nice and early to get there on time! I was called in (a little late but never mind) and I laid on the bed, all excited and jittery! The sonographer said that he had to do some measurements, but did we want to know the ***? I was like "yes please" and he told us that it was a GIRL! Me and my partner were like "what?? Are you sure??" lol but I was still very happy. I had brought some boy stuff myself, as I was very excited after the 1st scan! But I was just happy that she was healthy. He went back over the heart again, and also took all the measurements that were needed. He ended by saying "You definatley have a healthy little princess in there!" I was SOOO HAPPY!! I have now sorted through the boys stuff, and kept all the uni*** things that we had. I have since been shopping for little girl clothes! :) We are going to be selling the boy clothes that she can't wear! I am just so happy. I'm on 8 exchanges with a healthy little girl! Because I have PKU, I have another scan at 28 weeks, which is booked for 11 o'clock on the 11th March! I'm so excited! I have brought lots of girlie bits, but I am going to hold off again now until the next scan again just to double check she IS A SHE! LOL! I will update again in March when I have had the next scan! x x

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    That is so exciting that you are having a baby girl :). I’m glad that everything has been going so well with your pregnancy so far and the baby is healthy.

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    Sittingbourne, INTERNATIONAL

    Thanks Brea :) x x x

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    Cornwall, New York

    Yayyyyyyy congratulations

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