Pregnancy - Nearly there now :)

Pregnancy – Nearly there now :)

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Pregnancy – Nearly there now :)

May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey everyone! Well I told myself that I was going to keep this up to date and keep updates of what has been happening but now I am nearly 38 weeks gone and can't believe how quickly it has gone! The last time I wrote I was only about 20 weeks! I can't believe that was nearly 4months ago! :O Well anyway I have a maxamum of 3 weeks left now because my consultant is going to have me induced if she goes a week over, but here is what has been happening! :) I went for a 28 week scan in March and I was told that everything was growing nicely and healthily. I was over the moon and very excited! The 32 week scan was in April. We had a two hour wait to go in and I was absolutley terrified. A lady went into a councelling room crying so I guessed they had the worst news imaginable and that was what the long wait was for. I was praying that everything would be ok for us and that out baby would be fine! We saw her on the screen and heard her little heart beating away and a wave of relief swept over me! :) I was so happy! They told us her estimated weight at 32 weeks was 5lb 1oz!! ALREADY!! what a little porker?! lol! That made her estimated BIRTH weight at 8 and a half to 9lb!! All the while I had been doing my blood tests 3 times a week and my levels were around 200-280 umol/L on 30 exchanges!! This was just perfect! The last scan we had was last Thursday 5th May! We were waiting a good hour again, but this time we didn't SEE anyone who had any bad news, I was still really quite worried though! We went into the scan and all the measurements were all going perfectly, the consultant was whizzing through them and seemed very happy! But his assistant asked him to double check the PI! I have no idea even now what the PI is. He told me to hold my breath and everything, it looked very complicated on the screen whatever it was he was trying to measure. At the end of the scan he asked me if I had felt my baby move today?! Horror filled me as I couldn't say for sure if I had felt her or not?! I was sure I had felt a little kick whilst in the waiting room, but as my baby is so big now I don't really feel KICKS anymore. It is more like arms and legs MOVING in my tummy! Anyway I told him I wasn't sure and nearly started crying as I thought something must be wrong! Especially when he had taken so long to get one of the measurements! He said there was nothing wrong at all, baby is a healthy 6lb 10oz at the moment which is a lovely growth pattern, but if I DON'T feel her at any time for a few hours, just make sure I call someone and get the heartbeat checked! It is just routine to check it, especially when there is a genetic disorder. He just told me to be aware of movements! Anyway my levels have been getting as low as 109umol/L again so I have gone up to 34 exchanges now! I am almost eating "normally" with chicken and sausages! My dietician told me that this looks really promising that my baby doesn't have PKU! It seems like her enzyme is breaking down MY protein if that makes any sense?! As I said before, the last time I saw my consultant she said that they would see me again at 40 weeks to give me a sweep, and if that doesn't work, I will be induced at 41 weeks! This means my little girl will be here by the 6th June at the very latest!! EEEK!!! I will write one last blog when my little angel is here, but I hope this blog has inspired other PKU women to DO try 4 a baby if they are thinking about it!! It is REALLY SO difficult to begin with, and for some women all the way throughout! But for me it has gotten better as my pregnancy has gone on, and by the time she comes it will all be so worth it, none of it will matter anyway :) Thanks for taking the time and interest in my blog! It has been really lovely to have somewhere to come and write my experiences! x x x x

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    Tucson, Arizona

    i dont have pku myself but i hope everything gose good….

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    Sittingbourne, INTERNATIONAL

    Thanks Amanda :) x x

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