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March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well last week I went to the Hi-Risk Pregnancy doctor they have a hi-powered ultrasound where they can see more detail of the baby. It was amazing to see the baby in detail I saw the arms legs heart and even the brain. The doctor said everything looks normal and that if I keep to the diet and keep my levels under control I should have a healthy baby. My mom went with me since my hubby had to work she was very excited to see the little one. I have another appt with this Dr. in April for another ultrasound and then an echo a few weeks after that. So staying on diet seeing my PKU Dr. getting my levels read each week. Other then that I am feeling great don’t really feel sick any more but I am getting bigger L its ok though its for a good reason!

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    That is great news. But I do have a question when you were feeling sick did you have a problem drinking the formula?

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    @kmuffet- I was on maximum XPhe the orange flavor but ran out so I had some non orange flavored kind that was the only time I had a hard time. It was just because I was not used to that formula and it was very hard to keep down. Once I got my regular formula back it was not a problem my body craves the formula now so I dont have trouble keeping it down. The hardest thing for me is drinking it all day most of the time I liked to drink it first thing in the morning just to get it over with lol but the PKU Dr said for the baby its better to drink it all day. Get on a formula you like and stick with it and it shouldnt be a problem :)

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