Pregnant with PKU

Pregnant with PKU

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Pregnant with PKU

March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

So, I have have been on bed for 2 weeks now and am just about 28 weeks... the first week being in the hospital to stop my preterm labor and now I am at home continuing bed rest to keep the my twins growing safely in my belly. At the hospital I was on in a lot of pain fighting contractions and put on IV drugs to control the preterm labor. This made my appetite minimal and even though family was able to bring my phenly-free 2 drink to me, I struggled to even consume a third of it a day. I did wind up loosing 3 pounds and once I was discharged I was able to check my blood level and it was 6.5, which is higher than I am use to having it while being pregnant but not too bad considering what my body had gone through being in the hospital. Since the hospital my appetite has increased and I have gained back the weight I lost, and more so it should be interesting to see what my level is now. The doctors tell me the babies appear to be healthy and on track so that make s me very happy. To all women/ teens out there desiring to be a mother some day... it is hard work but it is possible to keep your levels under control. I had so much fear when I was younger about if I could be pregnant and keep my levels under control, but I am doing it and with hard work and dedication you can too!!

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    Cornwall, New York

    Thanks for the encouraging words :)

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    Lee, Massachusetts

    good for you…and good luck with everything

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    Glad to hear you are out of the hospital and doing well. Good luck with the twins. I am sure they will be wonderful, amazing, and perfect in every way!

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    Jacksonville, Florida

    You are so amazing and I am so scared to have children with the CPKU because I have already had 2 miscarriages with the PKU. It has left me emotionally devastated and we will see what lies in my future. Have you been on diet all your life? I just really need some advice with a person that understands what I deal with daily. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Jessica Wade CPKU, age 27

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    It’s great to hear your story and thanks for the encouragement. It helps to motivate the rest of us :)

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    bakersfield, California

    i agree i have cpku and i have three wonderfull childrenmaby you can help me with my delema i need help getting my diet back to normal i just had my third child so now i need to get my levels under control i had no problem when i was pregnant but the after is my problem have any sugestions. chari

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