putting on weight

putting on weight

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putting on weight

March 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello :) I'm Nicola and im from England, I'm 19 have PKU and find it very hard to put on weight :( I have been on diet all my life and haven't really found it easy to talk about PKU or eat in front of people so as a result of this I've always been underweight I'm hoping this site can help me deal with feeling embarrassed about having different food! I only know one other peron with PKU and thats my lil bro . I hope I can grow in confidence when talking about PKU because it is an ambition of mine to raise awareness of PKU , so everytime someone is told you have PKU they don't bombard you with 100 questions they would just know!Hope to start speaking to some of you Nicola x

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    hesperiaNo Location

    hi my name is andrea and im 15. i comepletely understand what your going through it really sucks. it has been hard to tell people. you should try pheinx -2.i have classic pku. i get to have kuvan its pills that help you eat more. but i have been off my diet before and it doesnt make things better it only makes you moody and etc. i well say this dont let people get to you cuz in the end you well probobly life longer than them.
    ANDREA <3
    p.s message me if you would like more advice or have any question let me know. :)

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