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September 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

How true is this statement because my daughter is quite the opposite of this..?? "Phenylalanine plays a role in the body's production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin and hair color. Therefore, infants with the condition often have lighter skin, hair, and eyes than brothers or sisters without the disease"

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    When I was younger I was told that people with PKU usually have lighter hair and skin than their siblings and blue eyes. I asked my dietitian about this, because my hair is as dark as our non PKU siblings, and one of my sisters and I have brown eyes. I was told lighter complexion usually only occurs in untreated PKU. It is not unheard of for people who have PKU that are not on diet or who have high phe levels for a long period of time to see their hair become lighter. Hope this answers your question

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    I also wanted to point out that the symptoms listed on the link that you provided are VERY preventable! With proper treatment your daughter will never experience any of those symptoms. Especially the more serious symptoms! The serious symptoms such as seizures or mental retardation only occur in children who are not diagnosed/treated shortly after birth. Your daughter will be just as smart and just as able to thrive as any other child her age!

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    Brea is correct… I always thought this same thing, however recently, doctors explained to me that the higher PHE levels – the lighter your hair might be…

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    Yes katie is right…my hair has always been blonde with a hint of red in it. And green eyes. To this day my eyes are still green but sometimes blue and on top of that my hair is turning more red…lol…its a strawberry blonde in summer and like an auburn in the winter time. my phe levels have never really affected my hair color but tats just me..everyone is different

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    nnnnno!!! I dont think so! I have darkish hair and tan really easily!! I have had periods where my hair gets lighter which very well may be due to Phe… I think this more speaks to untreated individuals? i have read that as well but a lot of my friends with PKU also have dark hair and skin… so I’m not so sure I agree!!!

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