recently back on diet question.....

recently back on diet question…..

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recently back on diet question…..


January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello all, I have just a quick question.... I have recently just gone back on my pku diet after being non compliant for years. I decided just to go back on it, not to ease into the diet - (that just works better for me), this included low protien foods, formula the whole 9 yards. I am only in my fourth and fifth day but I am now having a rough couple of days. I am getting headaches, I feel cloudy, and like I am not all here, I feel like I am having trouble "keeping it together". I have made sure that I am taking in a sufficient amount of calories and I am drinking a lot of fluids, so my question is this - has anyone else had a similar experince? and is there anything I can do to make it better? and does it go away? Thanks for your help....
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