regular milk and formula

regular milk and formula

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regular milk and formula

July 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

I would like to address a question to the experienced ones: As my doughter is now seven months old, she;s having two solid meals, one with fruits and one with veggies and low-protein pasta. I add to both of them the concentrated aminoacids (pku1 of milupa). The other 3 meals is milk. However, as her tolerance seems to be at 450-500 mg of phe, almost all her intake is with regular milk, and a spoon of aminoacids. She doesn't eat formula (pku1mix) at all. Is this a problem? Should she take more formula? I'm also afraid that she will get used to regular milk and will not drink formula later. The contact with our doctor is not very easy, and things change so quickly at her diet... I'm trying to keep up.

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    spruce grove, Alberta

    we were told that our daughter must always have formula so she wouldn’t reject it later

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    Ideally you should be having good contact with your doctor, as infancy is an important stage, if your doctor says she is supposed to be having more formula, try to get her having the correct amount otherwise, stick with what you are doing, especially if it is working.
    Because the diet changes so often it might be an idea to have a little notebook or something, where you can write down the protien and formula intake your daughter is supposed to be having, and even plan her meals and count the protien if need be.
    I hope this has helped a little

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    Thanks for the advice, I understand what you mean about having mare formula, cause I’m afraid she will not like the taste later . As her levels are a little bit higher now (3,6-3,7) probably cause of teething, we are back to add some formula again instead of regular milk. So, I guess it will be alright. Thanks again for the help

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