REHAB rough times

REHAB rough times

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REHAB rough times

May 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

you know what drives me crazy? i work in a cafe and everyone always says something like: ~Is that all your eating thats not healthy ~why are you only eating a salad ~ thats not healthy to only eat veggies and salads they just dont understand it drives me nuts and im so sick of explaining to them i just want to get a book PKU FOR DUMMIES lol you know whats even more crazy my boyfriend (Paul) has a cousin that has pku and pauls mom knows nothing about pku and never knows what to make me for any meals except for salads mmm fun stuff

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    N. said on May 20, 2010

    I bet most of them don’t even know what a healthy nutrition should look like. ^^
    Just tell them that everything you need is in your formula. I don’t know how much formula you are taking, but I am getting at least 1500 kcal (!) from my formula every day and they should understand that they need to eat more than you because they need those kcal through food.
    I remember everyone asking what I am eating, with a disgusted look on their faces lol. Happened everytime I took out my sandwiches. It was really annoying. At it got worse when they saw that I had butter on the bread.
    I still don’t know what’s the problem with that :D
    “PKU for dummies” would be great. If someone is asking a dumb question you just hand it over and say “If you really want to know, read this!”. I bet 90% would be to lazy to read it, but we don’t need to explain it to them anymore.

    I never met someone with PKU outside of PKU meetings. Must be strange somehow and pretty cool also, because you directly understand eachother.

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    Phelan, California

    I so know what you mean I get tired of the what can you eat game……no that has protien….nuts no protien…..chicken no still protien….I tell people I am a vegan but not by choice for health reasons. It still gets annoying!!

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