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June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi my name is andrea and i have pku and some people now me and some dont so anyways ive been good i am going to my aunts next week so that would be aswome . so do you guys have any advise on to get my friend to no talk bad about me cuz when i it was the last day of school and she was saying stuff about me and then she called my friend a slut and shes not but then she asked my friend and she said she did call her a slut and i remmber because i told her that my friend marleen was going to move and my friend melissa said that she did care and called her a slut and i asked melissa why do you think shes a slut and she goes because she gets all the cute guys and stuff and in my head i said no she doesnt.well i hope shes not talking crap about me next year. andrea

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    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Here is some adive, wait so ur friend is calling u a slut or are ur friends calling ur friend a slut? Well any ways just remember that you dont care what other people think about you because you are awesome. Ok? And also for me a lot of people call me names because of my diet but I just think to myself “dont listen too them it will only get worse, just let them think what they wanna think” And whatev they would say to me I would not respond because I didnt feel like it. And then I am pretty sure she was getting bored of calling me names because I would not respond and then I have no more problems with her. You should try that if you are having troubles at school with some one bulling you. It works really well.
    Jules. :D

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    hesperiaNo Location

    well shes callling my friend a slut not me she just talking crap about me though but i dont listen to it and she was calling my friend marleene a slut and shes not though so then shes a slut

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    Taylor, Michigan

    i am not sure how old that you are but i am 22 and that is just the way that some people talk ik how it is i used to get teased all the time . i would not worry about what other people say if they talk about you then they are not you friends some people are just mean

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    Andrea, my advice to you is treat others in the same way that you would want not just yourself to be treated but also the people you care about. I’ll share a little story with you from when I was in high school. I had a friend her name was shannon one day she just walked up to me and asked me for my phone number (she was very pretty as well) and we started talking over the phone. We started becoming much better friends. I came to realize that she was actually a very cool person just very down to earth and nice and pleasant to talk to. I started likeing her a little. Then one day shes started sharing about her best friend and how they got in a fight. She explained in detail how she took her friends head and smashed it in to the cement over and over again and she sounded so proud. She just was so excited to tell me how she just absolutely destroyed her friend. I dont even remember why she got in a fight with her. I just sat on the phone in silence and when she finished. I told her I didn’t want to ever hear that she had done anything like that again, and that I felt like I didn’t even know her anymore. I told her I thought what she did was disgusting. And that if she continued to be like this I didn’t want to talk to her anymore. I told her I dont think you really like what you did and in fact I think you will come to regret what you have done to your friend. She very quickly changed and said your right I dont know why I thought what I had done was so cool. I think what really got to her is that I kept telling her that she isn’t this horrible mean person, and that I believed that she is better than what she had done.

    Sometimes people say mean things whats important is that you know yourself better or even that you know your friend better. When something like this happens and someone calls your friend names I think the thing to ask yourself is do you want to be a peace make or a war maker. Do you want to make the situation better or worse. Are you going to go to your friend and say dont worry about what she says I know better that your not like that. Or are you going to do what some many other people do and say man can you believe that girl who does she think she is, and start caller her all sorts of names.

    I can see what kind of a girl you are Andrea by reading your other blogs how much you care about your dad and grandma and even though you didn’t talk about your mom I’m sure you care about her as well. I can even see the hurt thats there because you dont get to see you dad a whole lot. Dont be someone your not, your an amazing girl dont give people any reasons to think otherwise. Be the loving Andrea, the one who just wants to enjoy her life and have great friends and no regrets at the end of the day. Your not making any friends by treating people just as bad as they treat you or your friends. In fact you just become exactly like them.

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    hesperiaNo Location

    your right but right now i dnt really like her cuz the way she treats me and others i hate it and she act like a smart mouth to everyone and she lied to my friend and me and wht kind of friend would talk trash abt your best friend like ive known her sencie 5 th grade and now she whts to start stuff okay what evry . and theres this guy he wants to fight me and my dad said ok beat him up and i almost did in class but he got scared i didnt even hurt him i just stood up and im like you wanna fight lets take it right here right now but naaaaa i didnt do anything

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