Scrambled Egg with egg replacer - do you like it?

Scrambled Egg with egg replacer – do you like it?

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Scrambled Egg with egg replacer – do you like it?

November 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey my dear readers, have you already seen my new blog entry about egg replacer? I absolutely love to have "scrambled eggs" for breakfast, it's awesome. Have you ever tried an egg replacer? If yes, what are your favourite, additional ingredients? Looking forward to your replies on this topic... Low protein scrambled eggs is soooo yummy <3 Love, Katie xxx

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    simpsonville, Kentucky

    I found an egg replacer at the store, but wasn’t sure how to use it? Is it pretty good to bake with? The one I saw seemed like you couldn’t mix it to the right consistency to make “scrambled eggs”.

  2. Registered: Jun 3, 2010

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    Heilbronn, INTERNATIONAL


    what’s the name of your egg replacer? You normally can use it for baking (some do have additional colour so the baking turns out better, looks more delicious) and some can be used for scrambled eggs. If there is no indication on your egg replacer, that you can use it for scrambled eggs, you could try it yourself. Add some water and a little bit oil until you get a thick consistence and then fry it in a pan. Just have a try. :)

    Katie xxx

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