so frustrated

so frustrated

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so frustrated

April 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

It's almost midterm time and I've studied for a whole week but now when I start to review the things I studied, I realize I can't remember anything I've studied. I've been eating too much regular foods again, because sometimes the chefs makes my food the wrong way. If I ask for raviolis they end up overcooking it into a soft inedible mush. Sometimes they also overcook my pasta too, but I try to stick with the chefs I know will make my pasta the right way. I hate to throw out the overcooked foods but what can I do? I lost my appetite and sometimes they make too much so I can't take it home because it doesn't microwave well. When I try to go over my notecards I totally blank out and forget what they mean, and whenever I start over I can't get the words right. I'm so frustrated and mad at myself, every time I try to study I want to cry because I don't remember anything.

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    sheridan, Indiana

    I struggled with studying for tests all the way to sophmore year and that year I taught myself how to study for exams. Maybe this will help. I spent alot of time memorizing things that I knew would be on the tests. I really had too because I was a slow reader and I didn’t remember alot either if I just left it up to my to remember. I

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