Some creativity. Go, me!

Some creativity. Go, me!

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Some creativity. Go, me!

February 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

As I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate the food available to me with a bit more of an open mind. I will tase just about anything low pro offered to me at least once, and try my best to do so with an open mind and positive attitude. I am a very big anti-fungus (as food) person so this is difficult when it comes to a mushroom dish, but I'll even try the occasional mushroom burger, etc. to prove to myself that it still disgusting. As a result of this newfound open-mindedness, I have decided to be a bit more creative in the kitchen, myself. I grew up helping in the kitchen some, but it usually turned out that I would hand things to my mom, decorate Christmas cookies, etc. because my ingredients were too expensive and, well, I'm often a disaster in the kitchen! I can't say that I necessarily blame my mom. As a result, though, I've managed to have just a few dishes that are my signature low protein dishes and that's it. Such dishes are usually easy, and include things like loprofin spaghetti with a jar of Ragu, some DS rice mixed with veggies or Campbell's soup, etc. So creative, I know! The most intricate I usually got were muffins or "squash potatoes" (same idea as twice baked potatoes, except you mix the potato innards with cooked squash instead of cheese). Over the last few years, I've become a little more courageous in trying new recipes I come across. I've managed to get my bread to turn out approx. 80% of the time I make it. I must admit that this last loaf of TC bread I made was perhaps the best yet. I'm a bit scared to try the next loaf because I feel it can only be a failure in comparison! A few years back, I married a wonderful guy who loves to work in the kitchen. My mother in law made all of her children work in the kitchen so Matt feels just as comfortable working in the kitchen as his three sisters. It's great for me, because he loves to experiment with recipes for his food with low pro food. Usually it turns out great, too! In the past little bit, I've been overtaken by a desire to try making new things. Part of it is inspiration from my hubby and part of it is actually probably the fact that I watched the series on Food Network called "America's worst cooks", as well as the movie Julie and Julia. I learned some general cooking advice from that show ("taste as you go") and realized that I CAN work in the kitchen. I can even taste as I go when it's low protein food. So then I considered: Matt can make me low pro food, Chef Anne and Chef Beau can make cooks out of the worst cooks in America, I'm sick of my same recipes, and I actually have a bit of time to work on my days off. The result: I've dome some cooking/baking. Nothing super wonderful yet, and to be honest, nothing I have NEVER done before (that I can think of). But hey, I'm making an effort and I'd love to work a little bit more. I'm not planning to become America's next iron chef or anything, but just things like learn what spices go well with what foods, etc. and what low pro items can I substitute in a regular recipe, etc. would be nice. I already spoke of my incredible bread last week. My first thought as I took my first bite of the first slice was "wow, this tastes a lot like real, French Bread" (Uh...not that I'd know, of course!). I made my first sit-down meal for only low protein eating guests earlier in the week. It didn't turn out super wonderful, but I thought it was edible. We had low protein fajitas. I put a bit too much oil in the veggies when I had them on the skillet, but we had "fajita" veggies (zucchini, onions, and green bell pepper), low protein tortillas (taste connections recipe), dietary specialties rice, shreaded chayote squash--cooked up and seasoned with taco seasoning (gave the slight appearance of meat, though I have to keep an open mind and appreciate it for the fact that it DOES have a good flavor and gives a visual appeal and not actually replace meat with this in my mind), and fixin's of corn, tomatoes, black olives, and salsa. For dessert, we had cupcakes (tastes like devils' food cake recipe with vanilla frosting and sprinkles!) The three of us had a great time, even if the other two went home hungry due to my lack of skill in the kitchen! This morning, I woke up early and felt inspired. I made some more tortillas and had some Country Sunrise scrambled egg mix on hand from PKU perspectives. I made up a quick batch of (almost) scrambled eggs, baked a few tater tots, and made some breakfast burritos topped off with some salsa. Not too bad, I must admit. It seemed like it needed something else, but I'm not sure what to try next time. I'll have to investigate a little as to what goes into a b-fast burrito besides meat. Perhaps cheese? I could try some low pro cheese I suppose. Hm... That is all. If you're reading this, I hope you enjoyed and I'd love to hear from you--get to know you if I don't already. I'm perfectly fine with the fact that I might just be writing this for myself to be able to come back to for ideas/inspiration if I ever have a moment of "I can't do anything in the kitchen" attitude.

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    Chicago, Illinois

    That’s very cool. I’ve come to realize in the past year that being creative in the kitchen can be fun, especially once you learn the basics. I’m not a picky eater except for mushrooms either. I live alone, so I’ve actually been learning to cook higher protein foods for my boyfriend & friends. I won’t go to the trouble of cooking a full dinner just for myself since I’m perfectly happy with a bowl of low pro pasta w/butter & basil. When I make meals for others I am starting to be creative with the veggies & side dishes and I make interesting things for myself to go along with their meal. I’m really enjoying it, and it’s fun to brag that I can make meat dishes turn out even though I can never taste them (using really good recipe helps there). I started really managing my diet this past October (just 4 months ago!) Next up…I’m looking for a place to move when my lease expires so I can have a real kitchen with counter space & a dishwasher. My apt has a VERY tiny kitchen. I think a big key to not being miserable on the diet is being able to eat variety & tasteful foods & that it does require a bit of cooking & baking. Share any good recipes you come up with!

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    Palmerston North, INTERNATIONAL

    This is great, I’m glad your starting to try new things and become a better cook, it opens up alot of variety and, as you see that you can do this, you start to enjoy cooking alot more :D
    I’m a student at the moment, and usually only have time for cooking nice low-pro meals over the holidays most of my term-time meals are a quick bowl of PKU pasta and some stir-fry veges.
    Making an effort is all that counts really, once you start it’s easier to continue on with it, I’m hoping that once I’ve finished uni I’ll find a nice flat or something with a nice kitchen and be able to have the time to get in there a little more often.
    My boyfirend is very supportive and always wants to try my low-pro cooking stuff, and he usually enjoys them too! I’d like to learn to cook more “normal” foods aswell though.

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    Hey! That is awesome… I am a food lover and have PKU so I love being creative in the kitchen. Do you like eggplant? I make a lot of chicken dishes with ‘eggplant cutlets’ someone suggested using a bit of miracle whip as the ‘egg’ and i bread it with low protein breadcrumbs and then make eggplant parm, (with low pro cheese and sauce), cacciatore, marsala (that has mushrooms though), etc… I make them and freeze them and pull them out as I go… it works pretty well. I also use the taste connections multi mix to make veggie nuggets and patties… I have used those for chicken cutlet replacements too… instead of a nugget size i make it long and misshaped like a chicken cutlet and then i dip them in bread crumbs before i pan fry them… those just have carrots onion and cucumber in them with seasonings, you may enjoy those!!! how do you like the eggs that you used in the burritos… i tried them last month and thought they tasted a little sweet kind of like cake batter… is there a way you prepare them that, if i get my hands on some, i could try? Your fajitas sound awesome…. i never thought to use zucchini… i will have to try that!

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    I have had a grilled eggplant as almost a burger patty idea before and liked it. I don’t do a whole bunch with eggplant, but should do more. I like your idea of using it in place of chicken. Matt said he has thought about doing that before. We’ll have to give it a try. I have done the nuggets from the Taste Connections multi baking mix before and they’re pretty tasty–my favorite sauce I’ve found for them is actually the dressing I get with my salads at Chipotle (the restaurant).

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