sports and keeping levels down...

sports and keeping levels down…

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sports and keeping levels down…

September 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi... I started training in isshin ryu karate 4 months ago...and LOVE it! has done WONDERS for keeping my phe levels down! I guess Im a little frustrated at the nutritionist and Doctor at my clinic I go to...why couldn't they have suggested something like this a LONG time ago? especially the nutrtionist...My only challenge is keeping my energy level up..for 2 times training/week (currently..hope to go to 3 soon...)...any suggestions?

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    I find exercise drastically helps keep my levels lower. I have found that I need more formula to maintain energy. When you are working out, you are using that protein much quicker than if you weren’t active. Speak to your clinic about possibly adding more formula to provide you more of a protein source.

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