Started Kuvan Tonight

Started Kuvan Tonight

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Started Kuvan Tonight

September 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

Even though I wasn't able to get my blood work done today, I started the Kuvan tonight. My plan is to take it every night at 8:10. I hopefully will be able to get to the lab at the hospital tomorrow morning to get a quick blood test. Thanks for those who commented. I will keep you posted as I go. Have a good evening. 8:25 PST9-14-2009

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    Cornwall, New York

    Be sure to keep us posted!!

  2. Registered: Nov 15, 2008

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    Port Angeles, Washington

    This will be my 3rd day taking the Kuvan. I take it by dissolving 8 tablets into 8 ounces of apple juice and drink it down. I have experienced a little gastric discomfort that doesn’t last very long after I take it. I have been waking up with a headache and some slight nausea, which usually disappears by late morning/early afternoon. I’ve noticed my tremors have been almost non-existent in the last few days. Don’t know if that’s due to the Kuvan or not. Before, I had problems with the tremors and shaking every day.
    As far as my diet goes-I haven’t made any significant changes to it-yet. When I think about altering my diet I get a little overwhelmed. The reason being I have recently been diagnosed with heart disease-atherosclerosis- or “coronary artery disease” and am supposed to be on a diet for that as well. I’m planning on contacting the PKU clinic in Seattle for some guidance and monitoring as I continue taking Kuvan. I’m thinking of doing my own blood sticks at home to send in on a regular basis to have my PHE levels monitored also. Well, more later

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    Port Angeles, Washington

    I’ve only been taking Kuvan for 4 days but have already noticed some changes.
    1. I am able to focus and concentrate better than I have in a long time.
    2. I am sleeping better then I have been. My boyfriend says I am not restless, kicking, tossing or turning at night.
    3. Tremors, which have been a constant with me, have been virtually non-existent.

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