starting over

starting over

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starting over

February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

So far to the start of this year, well ive had my eyes opened a lot! WE have had new people move in with us and tried to help them out in any way we can... But it just doesnt seam to matter to them. Right now I am at my parents house instead of vernal.. Getting help. So i can save my Relationship with Ray, Have less stress and depression and just be happier. It started with an old friend of ours being put in the hospital cause her boyfriend beat her. We were by her side in about 4 hours after we heard about it. We told her to come stay with us and everything will be taken care of. So her and a friend stayed with us. and for a while it was awesome, then all this drama started with her and the guy she was with.. all she did was start fights and threaten her life is there was no attion shown to her. Ray being the big hearted person he is told me that he is going to be paying more attion to her so she is stable. It kinda worked till we had a little party and she had and EXTREME panic attack passed out and stopped breathing. We took her to the E.R and she left bruises on all of us even the doctors. Ive never seen this happen and i felt helpless cause i didnt know what to do... I sat by her side keeping her calm. and they drugged her and she was fine. and now with all the help we have given her she is using us for money and a place to stay.. off her meds and drinking when we just went threw saving her life... it frusttrates me and Ray... a week went by and i barly got to see Ray. I got super depressed and angry cause so much attion was going to her. Then out of nowhere i Loose it. Is and said things i didnt mean, i hurt him, and made him worrie...he put his foot down with me and tolme me to drink my milk, even if it was fresh... itmade me sick but i camled down... he sat me down after he cooled off and told me that were going to take a "break" and i have to get help and be 110% on my diet now... we both cried and cried... I begged him to not break up with me... and so he said ok... so he sends me to what he calls Rehab at my parents. Its been almost 5 days i have givin it 110% like he wants mostly drinking my milk and not really eating... Its been great on me... no stress and anxsety and no depression... It sucks being here but I would do anything for him. I go home in 4 days. not only have i been perfect but with me not really eating ive droped about 10 lbs!!! i know ill have more gone and it will just be a new me :) so Im changing my look and ive been more confedent with my looks and i think that he is going to see that. Being back on my diet has made much happier and honestly i really do think ill never go back off it :D
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