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Still Working

November 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello my friends and followers: I am so sorry I have not been around for the last few weeks and this pains me greatly, I will address the reasons in my next blog entry entitled; "This is dedicated to the one I love." I will attempt to post this entry later this week, I have been working on it throughout my "downtime." Although I have not been seen or heard I have been working away for PKU as circumstances have allowed. I have been working with Sarah, another PKUer in the Chicago area and have started an online sale with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit Phe-Nap the National PKU Food Bank. Follow the link Please note even though you place your order the orders will not be fully ordered until sale closes around 12/10/2011 to be in time for Christmas. If you would like more information about PKU or Phe-Nap please feel free to contact me at or message me here. When placing your order please type PKU Event or PKU after your name on the order form so Sarah will know for sure you are ordering for the PKU event and please forward the invitation to all your friends and family. I have to thank Sarah greatly she approached me and asked how she could help and then put together most of the work for this event. THANK YOU SARAH!!! Proving that we can all come together and help just by intergrating what we do in our everyday life. I would also like to thank all of you out there. Today I checked my stats here, on, for followers and readers and all, but 1 blog entry has reached over 100 hits. THANK YOU. I hope you all are getting something out of my sharing.
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