stoires i feel like sharing

stoires i feel like sharing

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stoires i feel like sharing

November 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

I'm so greatful for my friends and family being by my side with my pku and always helping. When ever I go to a family members they always have a little area for me with my fav foods and drinks xD I'm so greatful that they go out of there way to make me feel comfertable at there house. Last weekend I went over to my cousins girlfriends house for dinner and at first I wasnt to fond of the Idea I didnt know her family, but my cousins told her family about my pku and wanted to make me wanting me to be comfertable with them. They did a 5 star type deal they went out of there way to make me the BEST salad I've ever had. They also made mash potatos veggie platter and fruit tray just for me. I felt so greatful I almost started to cry (yeah im a baby) but just the thought of them doing this for me is awsome! I've only had one person give me crap about my pku latly he was my boyfriend but he thought it was to weird and just not healthy cause I do eat alot of sweets and junk food but I still am very healthy. The guy told me that all I can eat around him was SALAD! No fries, chips, candy nothing! Well he took me to an amusment park and said befor we went in please dont embarass me with your pku crap try to be normal, well once he payed for me I had a friend waiting for me and told him I think this isent going to work cause Im to weird for you, and I went off and had a fun day! Layter he called and he asked why and I said If you cant except me for me or something I have to deal with then your not worth my time to this day he still is trying to get back together with me but I'm not going to be with a guy who gets embarasses when I eat some junk food. give me your thoughts on this ok bye

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    , Washington

    you are doing the right thing if people can’t see who you are a be supportive of the whole you than they are not worth it. I am in full support cause I wouldn’t want to be treated that way from a girlfriend Christopher  

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    Hi there….

    omg… am going to be honest here, but what kind of boyfriend is he???? Rubbish??? He should be supporting you with your PKU hun not feeling embarrassed taking you places because you can’t eat the food he eats. He needs to learn and except that PKU is a major part of your life and always will be, for future purpose;s too

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    Sam said on May 28, 2010

    wow that was really cool of you to notice that you can do soo much better than that :)

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