stress and anxiety

stress and anxiety

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stress and anxiety

May 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

i been still struggling for a good while to get my phe levels back to normal. i have been recently diagnosed with an anxiety disorder because of a severe panic attack i had at work almost 2 months ago. trying to get out of fast food for good cuz i feel like my weight goes up and down. in this area where i live its hard to get out and find a better job. working in fast food i feel like its made me get totally out of control of my diet. my grandma complains and says i should go apply at another fast food place. i tald her thats the last place i need to go apply at.    i wish there was a quick way to get my phe levels down and my stress and enxitey under control.  any advice. signed stressed and confused

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    Rian said on May 10, 2013

    Try experimenting with veggie stir frys and roasting of veggies. My bro and I, roast and stir fry our potatos and veg in various ways.(put being Irish we prob dont mind eating spuds every day)

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    I know from past experience that to keep your levels low it means making sure you follow a strict low protein diet which includes plenty of calories and avoiding the high phe foods completely such as meat, eggs, cheese and meat to name a few. I also make sure I try and keep to a constant/regular number of exchanges allowed by my dietician. This is for me 9 grams of protein daily. When eating out,I make sure I watch my protein intake by choosing the smallest option with less phe and question recipes for anything high in protein. High levels do cause these anxiety symptoms. I know because
    I have had these sometimes when I don’t get enough calories and have eaten some chocolate for example. Other factors are like colds, illnesses, weight loss and weight gain can contribute to getting high phe symptons like anxiety also. So, even being very tightly controlled over the diet, something beyond your control like a cold can cause a surge in levels and make you feel not good. I hope this has helped you. Feel free to message me back if unsure about anything I have said. Good luck!

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    I feel that the worst place for a PKU person to work is a fast food joint… ITS TOO TEMPTING….. if your working at full time I suggest getting away from food service or grocery stores for employment…. PKU people tend to have a heart of compassion… do something that serves others…. CNA work is great bc you already have some medical background.. it doesnt take long to attain certification and MOST places allow you to work while going through classes… In fact most places will hire you and put you through a program to get certified….As a CNA you have future options of working in the HOSPITAL and making great money or even furthering your education as a stepping stone to nursing…. It gets you away from food and allows you to have even more of a grasp that other people go through their own battles too. You arent alone. I t is hard work but well worth it bc your working with medical staff that understands disorders and understands when you need to take a break to drink formula and doesnt critisize or frown on eating for your health……. I am Classic PKU and I struggled with the same problem issue of workplace temptation until I started working with people that understood the need for healthy eating specific to MY body. :-)

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    I am almost 25 now and I know that pku is sometimes a pain in the butt . I am always looking for new thing to eat and I am not one that can eat any of the low pro foods because I am now a diabetic and it is hard to eat the things that I am supposed to eat , It has not been easy growing up because I think that some of the foods are nasty when they are low pro foods . I found that working In a reastarunt is not a good idea when you are pku there are a lot of temptations out there when working in the food business area . It is not a good thing for pku , I worked at Texas Roadhouse and it was hard for me because I loved the rolls . But that was the only thing that I could eat on breaks because I only got 5 min for a break so there wasn’t any time to order something,and I would get two breaks . So some things are tempting and it is rough not to eat those rolls . I am hoping that you do great at getting your levels down

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    I agree that fast food IS the absolute worst place to work for those of us with pku. you should try to find another type of work. I find that fast food restaurants have few to no options for people with pku . you could try manufacturing or something where you can take a low pro lunch with you , it would be easier to manage your diet and control your levels

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    thank you for the advice guys. yea im planning to become a CNA in the fall sometime. where I live though its not that easy to find a job so at times I felt discouraged. but yea when im at work sometimes I don’t even get a break and I feel myself getting irritable and then sometimes get a headache. so yea fast food is the worse place for someone with pku.

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    I too am under extreme axiety and feel like life is spinning out of control, death seems to follow me every where I lost my mom just after easter , more to the point about a month ago. now my wife looses her mom will it never cease ? my past has also been riddled with death every where.

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