Stress level...11

Stress level…11

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Stress level…11

November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

 OMGOMGOMG. I applied to university. I am beyond stressing out right now guyssss. Not only do I have to worry about all the regular things that normal students worry about, but I also have to worry about a pku lifestyle while I am there! I've contacted 2 universities to see how they would handle a situation such as my diet with very specific rules. Many of them are very open and are willing to accomodate just about everything. It's just a matter of sorting out the fine details and deciding on a winner! Wish me luck!                     XOXMarg1996XOX

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    brooklyn, New York

    good luck I’m actually going through the same thing i am attending college in 2 months and am very worried about my pku lifestyle and how it will be or affect me in college

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    Midland City, Alabama

    Good luck! I actually am in college right now, and i have been for a little over a year. Of course it’s going to be difficult to manage but you figure it out. It sounds like you are being smarter than me. I was going to see if the school would accommodate my diet as well but I got the feeling it wasn’t gonna happen and it was a waste of time. Usually the cafe on campus will have a salad bar and a little bit of fruit and veggies which is how I have mostly got by. Now that you have mentioned tat the schools are willing to accommodate you, you inspired me too look into it at my school I go to the University of South Alabama. So thanks! Good luck and I hope everything goes great for you! God Bless!

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    Maysville, Kentucky

    Good luck. I am glad to hear that schools are willing to work with the PKU diet. We still have awhile till we get to that point. Best of Luck to you.

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    Anacortes, Washington

    Hey! The easiest way to get through college is to mentally prepare yourself for diligence with your diet.. Between the cafeteria, pizza parties and all nighter grub-fests, its SOO SOO difficult to “be good”. What I do is make sure that Im making right choices. If Im eating in the cafeteria with friends (popular hangout) I make sure that I do the salad bar or get a small order of fries. Im eating WITH my friends but not what their eating and most of the time they just think Im a health nut! If its a pizza party you can prep a couple LP pizzas you make yourself and freeze each week depending on how many parties you need them for! Then when your asked what your eating It gives you a great chance to let your friends in on PKU and when they start to understand it they usually become great supports although there are a few you may have to remind often that you’ve had this all your life and don’t need them breathing down your throat with every bite… Also, veggie trays are great for all nighters and there is a LP food company called country sunrise that makes sausage, hotdogs, beef patties, cheeses and all kinds of things that although are “fake” can help make you feel not so left out. Good luck in school. Let me know how it goes! Nickelle

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