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  i miss the way i use to be i was so positive and happy for the most part so fit i worked out everyday i felt noone could even try to bring me down for instance   when i was jr in high school my step sister and i were walking home from her work and some young boys about the same age followed us down our street in thier truck one of the boys said hey stop for a sec i have to check on the bikes so i didnt think much because when the said that i looked back to make sure there was bikes back there so we kept walking that boy grabbed my sister he was so much smaller then her i have no idea why he grabbed her i saw that i thought OH HELL NO so i slammed my thing on the ground and went after the kid swinging and kicking so the kid let go and the driver said aww look she wants to fight i said DAMN STRAIGHT I DO LETS GO GET OUT OF THE CAR the other boy jumps in the car and they drive off my sister was just standing there i said lets go to the house dont just stand there so we get home she calls her dad i grabbed a base ball bat and started yelling out the door looking back not the brightest idea but i was so strong minded   i dont know what to say i always want to take on more so on top of me doing my rehab with my PKU i want to be healthy mentaly and physicly   i have been working out to get fit and get to my target weight 130lbs 7LBS left to go ive lost 20LBS already   i not only drink my formula everyday i take 2 multivitamins aday   vitamins for my hair nails and skin and for the first time in my life i have nice nails   i want to get a work out plan for 3 days aweek to keep me fit   my positive thinking is getting stronger and stronger with the closer i get to my goals   but my number one goal in my diet   i want to get to the point i dont have to tell myself no on foods i cant have   i want to DIET FOR LIFE

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    Warren, Michigan

    Good for you! Stick with that positive attitude.

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    Tucson, Arizona

    Woo hoo! your motivation somewhat inspires me. ;) It sounds like we may have older PKUers be “mentors” to the younger kiddos at camp next summer in Prescott. You’ll be an amazing role model to the younger kids, I know it! I am getting excited about camp–we just had the first planning meeting for it last night. Getting excited already…

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