struggling so bad

struggling so bad

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struggling so bad

February 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

ahhh ok i was doing good for about 7mths straight but for some reason i let the bad things in my life get to me and now im back off diet, i want sooo bad to hv low levels i was even on kuvan, but had to be taken off because i guess i hv allergies to what ever is in it, because i was always sick now that im off of it im not sick but the news they were taking me off hit hard. i feel like there is not hope or help for my levels feel like im doomed to high levels, i want to go to the pku picnics but my hospital that i go to always says they will keep me in the loop with that but i hv not heard anything about that or any of the cooking seminars. wish i could switch to toledo hospital.

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    Hello you are not alone…….I too had to go back on my diet, but when I did as my diet was the strict pku diet My body collapsed, I rejected my food and lost my appetite. Lost too much weight and by the time I saw my pku dietitian for the third time, she was shocked at the amount of weight I’d lost. I was not aware it was happening, as I kept on heave hoeing my food……became picky and ate bland food and if anything was added I’d be sick over it.

    Got hospitalized 2 weeks, how boring…..I was cold all the time and could not keep my head out side my bedsheets, I always keep it under the bedsheets. Even now I wear a balaclava at night to keep me warm. I hate cold weather, it now autumm, cold nights and sort warm days, but not warm enough as I came from the tropics!!!!

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