Suggestions? Food for house guests

Suggestions? Food for house guests

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Suggestions? Food for house guests

January 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok, I don't know how many of you out there run into this issue, but I thought I would ask. I live alone & mainly just keep basic foods in the house for myself. Since I'm working and in school, I keep a supply of food at work. In the house I mostly just keep my low protein bread & pastas, some fresh produce and some frozen vegetables around on a regular basis. Of course, I have baking supplies & spices. I enjoy cooking for others, but usually just buy the higher protein ingredients for the specific meal before I prepare it. However, I frequently run into problems serving food to last minute and overnight guests. I am never sure what to keep in the house that might be used to serve non-PKUers. I have a friend visiting from out of state for the weekend, and just realized I don't have anything in the house for her to eat. I don't like going food shopping in advance because I never know what the guest will eat & don't want to waste $$ on foods that won't be eaten. I've actually run into that problem a few times this month alone because I've had a few different people staying with me. I do have a few things that I keep on hand for my boyfriend -- a few chicken breasts, burgers, ribs, sausage, pancake mix, cereal, eggs, a frozen pizza, a couple boxes of mac & cheese. However, most of my friends are pretty into health foods and aren't the big "meat and potato" eaters. Does anyone have suggestions for things that keep well & won't go bad that can be whipped up last minute for unplanned guests? Looking for a few ideas here.

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    Aurora, Nebraska

    Maybe keep a box of whole-grain pasta and a jar of good sauce around? Healthful frozen-type dinners? Organic soups? As you stated, frozen fish or chicken or meat would be good as well. You sound like a verrrry nice hostess!!! I think I would tell my friends to suck it up and deal with the macaroni and cheese. :-) It’s great that they’re healthy, but I can understand how this could get difficult and expensive for you!!

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    Haha I love this blog! Our kitchens are becoming too PKU friendly mwah-hahaha… anyways! For my boyfriend I always make sure to have bread (frozen that we toast or heat up once he gets there), try to have chicken breasts, always have some sort of pasta or rice, and I always have produce (for myself) as well. He loves stir fry so rice veggies and chicken is easy as a go to for him and I just pick out the veggies and cook my own rice. As for the protein (besides my fall back chicken breasts) I usually go buy what I am going to make for the weekend. We usually go grocery shopping together and he buys the high pro stuff for the meal and I do the veggies, etc. But rice and pasta can go good with some veggie even if you forgot the protein part in a bind. So what your doing sounds pretty right on… as for your healthy conscious friends… TJ’s (Trader Joes!) Has amazing frozen meals and things for really inexpensive that could be a quick go to (example: stuffed salmon rolls, chicken chimichuri rice, etc) in the event that they show up unexpected! But PKU or not if I am hosting someone I like to find out what they like before hand anyways, so definitely ask.. I know some things pop up unexpectedly but you can only do so much : )

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    Love Trader Joe’s! Should have thought of that one on my own =). I never thought of picking up a few things to have in the house. I feel bad when people stay & have nothing to offer. Btw…I love some of the Trader Joe’s soups. I’ll take their butternut squash or tomato soup & add steamed carrots, basil, and low pro pasta which makes it much more filling, lower protein, quick soup. Same thing with their curry sauces. Great with basil, cilantro, veggies & low pro pasta.

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    Aren’t there PKU friendly recipes or cook books you can use. It won’t kill your rude guests who show up unexpectantly or even the ones who are curteous enough to call before coming. Besides, I hear some of them are really good! 

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    Woodbridge, New Jersey

    The PKU friendly foods should be good enough for the health nuts (they are sooooo hard to please)

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