suggestions please, if you can

suggestions please, if you can

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suggestions please, if you can

November 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

I can't go to a clinic because i have no insurance. i can't afford formula or low-pro foods (the ones from companies such as Cambrooke). is there anything i can do to keep phe levels down?

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    , New York

    Where do you live? Can you contact your local clinic and see if they can help you find the appropriate help? Cook for Love’s website has some low protein recipes that use food available at the grocery store. They also provide you with recipes that teach you how to make some basic low protein mixes at a fraction of the cost, but you need to find the time — which can be hard.
    Best of Luck,

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    Lake Havasu City, Arizona

    Don’t give up! Call your local clinic or doctor and find out who can help! We have found a lot of lo pro food at the health food section at our local grocery store. You have to drink your formula. You have to be a dog with a bone and don’t give up. Do you have support from family? They can help too!

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    Chicago, Illinois

    I know this isn’t the best option & a lot easier said then done, but if moving to another state is an option, you might want to consider that. In Illinois, the state pays 100% of the costs of my formula. Other states will subsidize foods & formulas.

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    plant city, Florida

    Florida also pays 100% of the formual cost and has programs to help with buying lo protien foods!

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    Taylor, Michigan

    Well depending on what you eat on a daily basis . i would write down everything you eat and only eat thing that won’t hurt you that bad … i know what you mean about the insurance thing but i would try going to you local dhs office and try applying for medical insurance because have a medical condition and i think that you should have no problem getting on state insurance i live in michigan so everything is coverd far as formula we have a grant through the state i think . but all of it is covered here for the formula i hope that it helps you a little i am not good at giving advice on this subject on formula but i know that it has to be hard and i’m sorry that it has to be that way for you. i hope that you get this figured out soon .

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    Woodbridge, New Jersey

    Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for medical insurance. Florida sounds good. I have family there. Getting there is another matter.

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