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June 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

 HEY!! my name is andrea!! im 15 almost 16!! i believe that everyone who has pku is just like everyone else except the part were we cant have meat or protain. sometimes i wish i could like everyone else. but if thats what i have then i have to live with that. now that im older i understand now what my docter have been saying is that im lucky to have only pku. im like highest my program for pku. i now get to eat more. because now i have to take kuvan witch helps me to be able to eat more. im so glad that i get to do that. i just wish that people would understand the meaning of pku. but how does people now those things. i do because ive had all my life. ive learned so much about pku and i think its great. im  very healthy and im lucky to have only just pku. alot of people have a lot worse. when think about its not so bad once you get older cuz you understand it more. but my adivce to people is that to stict to your diet and think about other people they might have worse then you. my brother for an example he had autism and he has been  treated for it and he had a hard time speaking and  he has to take medicine so that he behaives at school. hes very smart but on the other hand he is just another kid and im glad that he is finally getting the things his suppose to have m y mom has been fighting to get him . 
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