Teen PKU Perspective Poem

Teen PKU Perspective Poem

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Teen PKU Perspective Poem

November 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Lately I've been inspired to write poetry. So I decided to write a poem on PKU. It's a little sappy but I really liked it! :) PKU By Emily Linafelter, age: 17 I have no idea why I was made this way. But its how I get by Day by day. No one really gets how I feel, When I sit down, And have a different meal. All I do is put a smile on my face. You'd do it too, If you were in my place. I have to remind myself everyday, That there's a reason why God made me this way. The reasons know I may not know, I know that one day, they will show. Until then I can choose to be mad. But, that wouldnt be good, It'd be very bad. Instead I know I'll be ok. No need to be sad, That's what I always say! :)

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  1. Registered: Sep 16, 2011

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    Fullerton, California

    The beauty of this poem Emily is that anyone with PKU can relate to it, but only you could have written it. I appriciate your positive spirit dont loose it. Its amazing what a difference a positive spirit can make. I can personally really struggle with being positive at times and it has hurt me probably just as much as it has others. Just keep being you.

  2. Registered: Jun 3, 2010

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    Heilbronn, INTERNATIONAL

    Hey, thats a great poem, I really can relate :) Keep going!

  3. Registered: Feb 2, 2010

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    Palmerston North, INTERNATIONAL

    Beautiful :) and relateable, and I think many others with allergies, diabetes, celiax could relate to this too, very good poem

  4. Registered: Dec 12, 2011

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    Shreveport, Louisiana

    Great stuff. This is why I’m glad I recently joined this site. It’s nice to connect with people who really understand… Other PKU patients. My wife has Celiac, so I’m sure this will mean a lot to her as well.

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