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April 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

So this weekend I had a long talk with my boyfriend of seven years about my PKU. We were just talking about why people have a hard time understanding why I can’t have protein. We have been friends since we were ten years old he has never asked me more then once why I cant have protein it was great and he never judged me for it either. It was just nice to know that he cares so much about me being on diet and understands how hard it can be for me. I love the fact that he never tries to do the whole “I understand” line he has said he could never do what I have to but he always supports me. I know how much he hates doing special orders in fast food places (before when I was off diet I would never do it for me I hate tomato never wanted it) but now its even hard then just asking for no tomato and he never complains about he just asks me what I want then orders. He has been so great through this I can truly say if it was not for him I would still probably be off diet. I just had to tell you guys I hope some of you have this great support system too it really helps!

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    Yay! I’m glad you have him around and that he’s so supportive of you. My husband was really great about PKU when we met. He was sneaky on our first Valentine’s date and asked my roommate to sneak him some of my stock of low pro bread and low pro pasta so he could make a romantic, candle-light meal at his place for me. When I went to visit his family for first time (which was when we were engaged–they had come out here before that), his mom secretly got in touch with my mom and coordinated for my mom to send some baking mix and wheat starch so she could make me low protein pizza–my mother in law ordered herself a low protein cookbook! We are lucky to have such great guys that support us being healthy! :)

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    oh thats great its so true you really need a strong support group to stay on diet. I feel very lucky to have people in my life that care so much about me. :)

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