The Challenge of Taste

The Challenge of Taste

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The Challenge of Taste


August 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am having a challenge trying to mask the after taste of Phenylade Essentials. I found that Chocolate and Vanilla are covered well by a banana- I make a smoothie with the Phenylade Essential powder (I also add a serving of Phenylade MTE), some instant coffee and a 1/2 of a banana (and sugar). Not the most nutritious, I am sure, but it works. However, that being said, I am probably not Classic PKU. I am able to take a higher amount of food Phe than I expected, but since I am in the beginning stages of returning to treatment, that may change. I am under no illusions. PKU is a challenge- to me it is an enemy to be defeated, not a companion to pal around with. Nothing but victory is acceptable. I hope that every person who has PKU and decides to follow a course of treatment sees it through to stability and, as I see it, victory (as evidenced by consistent Phe levels of 2-6). Here's to a good and happy life!
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