The end result when Phen is high in the blood stream

The end result when Phen is high in the blood stream

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The end result when Phen is high in the blood stream

May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello People, Been a late dignosed pku suffer [classic] it have a profound impact in my life. I get ill if I eat too much meat. Tonight my ma and I chowed down a seafood platter for two. lovely meal but now I am paying the price dearly. Net result: A splitting headache and freqent toliet trips and sore kidneys, I have downed more 6 bottles of water [350mls] to dilutie the ill effects. Taken pandol to ease the headache, head hurts like there's a ring around and tighten causing pressure and pain. I am sure there's few of you pku suffers out there who get these effects or worse, I feel sick inside out......upset tummy too. The scar tissue in brain doesn't help matters. Just lost some my dinner, what a waste! [not happy, as I hate wasting food!] As I have always taught by my parents to respect food, as my pa had poor childhood. Never knew when their next meal will. So when he did eat, he and his two sister would chow down good.So what I doing... Sitting here feeling sick and miserable. It stinks, what can I say? What I am think about in true terms would be unprintable!!!!! So keeping it decent I will say let this be life long hazad that I will have live with! I'd like to here other people's experinces of this problem, as I am sure there are people out who experince this or worse!Some advice in how cope would a great help! A rather sick Snuffles

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    Dear Snuffles! Here is Kevin, hes advocate of PKU. pls read his blog, he has a lot of info there. :) keep fighting! our dicease is good motivation for us to be strong!!!

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    well it might take sometime to get used to it but it is a;little diffrent to me because i have had it scence i was 3 weeks old and u r older when u found out … i hope that you get ur levels where u need them to be just keep with it . it might be hard but you will feel alot better if u stay off meat and things that you can’t have

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    Hey :)

    I would suggest, just like Bjmachowicz did, to stay away from high protein food… I think this helps a lot and will improve your well-being. I’ve also been on diet all my life (sometimes worse, sometimes better, but never completely off) and I cannot really relate, but I think this will help for sure.

    Good luck :)
    Katie xxx

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    Ben said on July 7, 2012

    Right now, you are serving as your own worst enemy. If you are now aware that you have PKU, you need to make changes to your food choices. Given that you found out later in life certainly presents many different challenges to living the PKU lifestyle given that you have grown accustomed to certain foods such as seafood. However, if you know that these foods cause you pain and distress, then you need to begin to phase them out of your diet. I certainly do not think going cold turkey is going to work as it very rarely works for other habits. You need to make a very important decision about the remainder of your life. If you chose to continue to consume foods high in phenylalanine, you will continue to experience these symptoms, and they will get progressively worse, and could have long-term impacts upon not only yourself, but your friends and loved ones as well as there will be additional burden on them to care for you. You can not undo the damage that has been done already, but by phasing into the PKU lifestyle and following a phenylalanine restricted diet, you can eliminate the symptoms you describe here, as well as improve your overall health, and help to prevent the progression of worsening symptoms. My advice is to find someone or a group of people to act as your support group. These people have to help keep you on track meaning not offering you seafood, and give you the motivation to maintain the PKU diet or lifestyle. If you don’t know anyone personally, find support here through our PKU community. It is always difficult to go it alone, and with some support it only becomes easier. The choice is ultimately yours, and you need to understand what the ramifications are for your choices.

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