The first week adjusting to the diet...

The first week adjusting to the diet…

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The first week adjusting to the diet…

December 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well this is the first week my husband is back on his diet. It really hasn't been as difficult as we anticipated because he has his formula which helps curbs his appetite. We've been trying to keep him under 30 grams of protein because for now that's what the Dr. is allowing. Since he has his formula he's only been eating at most 2/3 rds of what he ate before. Here are a few dinner's we've had. They are easy and all have zucchini. Monday I took a food network recipe and modified it accordingly. It's the potato and zucchini with parmesean crust. Of course I don't do a few of the steps. I didn't use potatoes and I cut my zucchini into chunks and cooked it face down in the seasonings the recipe called for. We also had mashed potatoes and corn. I can't remember how much protein that one totaled but it was pretty low. Tuesday night we cooked zucchini and carrot stir fry served with rice and a side salad. Chris had about 6 grams of protein. Tonight we cooked fried zucchini wedges, large baked potatoes, and had a side of tomatoes and cucumbers soaked in zesty italian dressing. For the zucchini we used flour, 2% milk, and egg yolk. We did some figuring and are estimating his protein intake at around 11g. Still, by the end of the day, he's only had 20g. Next time we're going to cut out the egg yolk and try to have the protein free flour. I'm not sure what we'll have tomorrow night but maybe we'll have a really good idea come to us. Chris hasn't expressed any interest in the low protein pastas so for now, we're not going to order any. I'll make sure to keep blogging on his progress. Thanks to everyone that has given us tips and advice. You barely even know our names and the fact you're taking time out of your day to help us is really kind.

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    Sounds like Chris is doing an awesome job :). Good job to both of you. If Chris is having trouble getting all of his protein in for the day he could use milk. When I do not get all my protein in for the day I add milk into my formula (because I cannot stand the taste of it). However, since Chris has probably drank milk before he might be okay with just drinking it straight.

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    Makes me want to come over for dinner! I would really suggest the low pro pasta if Chris likes pasta at all. Personally, I think that the low pro pasta is the low pro food that tastes closest to the real version, especially after you put sauces in it.

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    Try the mushroom fajitas on Cook for Love’s website. It is one of our favorites!


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