The life of a teenage PKU child

The life of a teenage PKU child

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The life of a teenage PKU child


October 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well its no doubt that when you're a teen a lot is thrown your way. Espicially when you hit high school. That's when you start thinking of what you want to do in life. People say its not this way till junior year and senior year. Junior year and senior is when you should know what you want to do. But when you enter high school people say its hard enough as it is. But you're a 14 year old kid going into a school of people who are older than you and some may try to take advantage of you. This may sound like an adolence blog but entering a new school can affect your diet. What i mean by this is if you were to join the football team you may see a lot of people are a lot bigger than you because they eat a lot of meat and proteins. Another example would be going on dates and you are nervous of what your boyfriend or girl friend will think of you when you tell them you have PKU. Another one would be during lunch, i don't know what you all do but i never got a hot lunch. i always brought my own lunch in a bag and would eat what i brought. that may make you feel nervous of what everyone is thinking of you. But heres the truth. In football you don't have to eat meat to get big because I was on the team for two years and i never thought i couldn't play it. People told me things to bring me down like," You would be the ball, or You will get murdered, or you'll never play." But i did go out for the team and i played in every game. People on my team still asked me why i wasn't drinking any protein shakes and i just didn't care what they thought because it doesn't affect me. People said i wasn't gonna play but i proved them wrong. Going out with a boyfriend or girl friend is something i experience too. My first girl friend found out when we were eating dinner together one time and she asked why i was eating just vegetables and i just told her the truth. I told what my diet was and i need to follow it or i'll die. she understood it and we dated for 3 months. Because if you have a good boyfriend or girl friend they will respect and understand why you should follow your diet. In lunch i always did bring my lunch and i just learned in third grade to not care what people think of me. Then eventually i learned that no one cared that i brought the lunch, because they are good friends. So as you can see being a teen with PKU you need to do what you can to achieve your goals, make friends that you know you can trust and understand you, and most importantly learn to not care what other people think of you. You will always have those people who will try to bring you down (i like to think of them as haters) but you can't let them, you just need to find the good friends that will stand by your side everytime.

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    Wow, thats really inspired me (:
    Thank you!. (:

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