The PKU Necessity List

The PKU Necessity List

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The PKU Necessity List

October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

 Hola Mes amigos.I'm just playing I don't know any spanish, in fact the only spanish I know comes from dora the explorer. So tonight is packing night. Tomorrow I leave for my PKU camp. I am sooooo beyond pumped! Like I could sing and do some sort of jazz number I'm so happy. The effort behind my packing is sooo much effort. I will be gone for a total of 3 days and the list of things I must pack is extensive. The basics include:  *My Low Protein food list *My digital scale *My formula (gag) *My formula container and stir spoon. *My Low protein pastas and sauce for them *A variety of low protein snacks for on the go activity. *My KuvanThen the basics of like socks, underwear, and a toothbrush. The sad part is, even if I want to go to my friends place for like a day I have to drag all this with me. Life is so frustrating. But you know If I didn't have to bring all this I'd be wayyy to early cuz I'm used to taking forever to pack. Just one of the many perks of being PKU.                                        XOXMarg1996XOX

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    I went to PKU camp only once back in 1999. We had a week long camp in Texas. It was so awesome to see other people who had PKU and have our own little community. Like in school I was the only kid who had a sack lunch everyday, but at camp I ate the same as everyone else. Where is your camp at? Have you been before? Have fun and enjoy yourself!


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